Purchasing A Puppy:


If you are considering purchasing a puppy from us, following are some things you need to know.

The Health of the puppy you are considering is very important to us and to you. We have invested much time and money in selecting strong healthy breeding Males & Females that are excellent examples of their breed. We have years of breeding experience and have relied on some of the best in each of our breeds to influence our selections. In addition, we select and keep a few of the best puppies that we raise for showing and breeding. Our dogs are genetically sound, however, there is always a small percent that may have a genetic fault appear. This can happen even when all the tests possible are taken and the dogs are cleared. Because of that, it is our decision to offer a Lifetime Health Guarantee (when you have your puppy/adult on the Nu-Vet Vitamin) to assure you that we believe our puppies are strong and healthy and will continue to be.

Our adult dogs and puppies are vaccinated to prevent disease and are given the NuVet supplement to protect them against any illness not covered with vaccines, healthy from the inside out. The puppies shot schedule is set up the day they are born and continues until they are sold and ready to go to their new home.

You can be assured that our puppies are raised in a clean, healthy, family environment, with much care and love given to start them out on a solid foundation with "Personality Plus". See our "Scrapbook" Section for photos and more information on us.

Our puppies are priced according to sex, quality, color, age and Breed.  We send along with the puppy; a Shot Record with the dates & names of the Vaccinations, our Health Guarantee and Contract, a Product Recommendation letter which includes tips on potty training, a NuVet supplement Order Form, puppy food for the first few days, and an information letter about us.

If the puppy needs to be flown to you, I take care of all the arrangements. We fly with Delta Airlines out of Sioux Falls, SD. They take excellent care of the puppies for us. The Carrier is prepared for the journey with lots of shredded paper to keep them dry & clean (although sometimes they do get a little messy, so a few wet ones would come in handy) the bowl has water (frozen so it doesn't spill out right away) and puppy food. They nest down in the paper and really do take the journey very well. The air flight cost, carrier, and veterinarian check, for health papers to fly, is extra.

I hope this has answered some of your questions, please call or E-mail us to get a price on a puppy or puppies that you are interested in.

Thank you,



 Last revised: February 24, 2013