Health Guarantee and Contract

For Fairview Kennels

Your Signature is REQUIRED on this Contract upon purchase of a puppy from Fairview Kennels.  Please read, accept the terms, sign and return to us.  Thank you

Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of the sale.  If within 48 hours from the time you, the buyer, take possession of the puppy, it is found by a licensed veterinarian not to be in good health, we, the breeders, agree to refund the purchase price of the puppy to you, the buyer, upon return of the puppy to us, the breeders.  We, the breeders are not responsible for any expenses incurred which includes transportation charges.  A refund will be given only upon receipt of the report from a licensed veterinarian.


We offer a Lifetime Health Guarantee from Hereditary Health Conditions upon the purchase and continued use of the Nu-Vet Plus Supplement available by us, the breeder, by using our order code. (Refer to Link on the Home Page of our Website).


If your dog develops a hereditary health condition, which causes the death of the dog or the inability to use the dog for the purpose of which it was intended, then a replacement dog will be offered.  If this puppy develops a show fault that renders the dog unable or undesirable to be bred or shown that is not the fault of the breeder and is the chance you take buying a puppy.   Although a puppy looks promising and is sold as a show prospect, show quality cannot be guaranteed.


NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN FOR ANY REASON.  If there is something wrong with your dog or you do not want to keep the dog, you must return the dog to us, the breeder, to be eligible for a replacement dog of equal value.  The return of the dog must be at your, the buyers, expense.

Any and all expenses including Veterinary are the responsibility of you, the buyer.


Your puppy has been on a vaccination and de-worming schedule here.  Please take the shot record we provide to your veterinarian.  It is very important to continue the vaccinations and worming schedule for your puppy and don't forget annual boosters after that.


You, the buyer, agree to take good care of the puppy and to provide adequate food, water, housing and medical care.  The buyer agrees to follow the breeder's recommendations regarding feeding, training, exercise and general care.  Please remember that puppies are babies too!  They need plenty of Rest, Fresh Water, Regular Food, A Warm/Dry Place to Sleep, Regular Exercise and T.L.C

We feel confident that we have helped you to choose the right puppy for you and your family.  If for any reason this puppy does not work out for you, or your life changes such that you are unable to provide this puppy with a happy home, please return him/her to us or call us for assistance in finding a good home.  We will not refund the purchase price of the puppy. The expenses incurred for the puppy and to return him will be yours. 


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